Athletiverse Announces Partnership with Hoopin Nate

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Wednesday, July 19, 2023 at 5:52am UTC


Las Vegas, Nevada, July 18, 2023— Athletiverse, the premier creator-driven sports agency reaching over one billion sports fans and consumers monthly, is excited to announce a new partnership with globally recognized youth dunker, Nathan Kenney, also known as Hoopin Nate.

Athletiverse and its founder, Dominyck Bullard, continue to pioneer the democratization of college sports. This latest collaboration signifies a step forward in their commitment to providing a platform that empowers athletes and businesses, allowing them to connect, engage, and ultimately thrive.

“Nathan’s remarkable talent and ability to engage audiences is truly exceptional,” Bullard stated. “He represents the audacious spirit of Athletiverse and has the potential to achieve something truly extraordinary in the next decade.”

Nathan Kenney, whose stunning dunking skills have recently been showcased in a sensational NBA Finals commercial alongside Google Pixel, has also partnered with Gatorade. His collaboration with Gatorade involves a series of Instagram posts promoting their new GX bottles and an exhilarating commercial currently airing on ESPN, ABC, and YouTube.

“We are honored to support Nathan as he continues to push boundaries in the sports and entertainment industry,” Bullard continued. “His drive for positive impact aligns with our core values at Athletiverse, and we are eager to embark on this transformative journey with him.”

With this partnership, Athletiverse looks forward to helping Nathan continue to captivate audiences worldwide, opening doors to new opportunities and collaborations in sports and entertainment.

About Athletiverse:

Athletiverse is the leading creator-driven sports agency reaching over 1 billion sports fans and consumers monthly. Founded by Dominyck Bullard, a former junior college baseball player, Athletiverse is committed to maximizing the monetary worth of student-athletes’ name, image, and likeness (NIL). The agency provides a platform for businesses to quickly benefit from student-athletes’ influence while also giving boosters, alumni, family, and fans the opportunity to support their favorite athletes.

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Dominyck Bullard

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